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Harpmic repairshop @ Mundharmonika-live

From 17-22 september of this year Husky Harmonica Microphones will be attending the annual Mundharmonika-Live event. On the Saturday you can attend the "amplified bluesharp" workshop that I facilitate together with Ben Bouman Blues. Also I will have a small stand at the Seydel Harmonicas factory where you can try out my different microphones. I will bring some stock to the factory. Also during this event week I offer a "pop up repairshop". If you have a microphone that needs an upgrade or repair please bring it to the event. Together we will make a plan for your microphone. I will be setting up a small workshop so you can take home your upgraded microphone! Of course you can contact me beforehand to discuss all the possibilities.

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Husky Howler in Emerald Green
Husky Howler in Emerald Green

Living in the Netherlands I design, build  customize and repair vintage and retro-vintage harmonica microphones. New and used. 


To me the microphone in itself is an instrument. It is my intention to create a personal instrument for anyone who resonates with that crunchy vintage fat amplified harmonica tone. 


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