Please contact me for any repairs or modifications on you microphone.


For example

  • Replacing a connector
  • Installing a volume control
  • Restoring the shell of your mic
  • Building a new dynamic element
  • Converting your mic from Low to High Impedance or viceversa
  • Polishing
  • Repairing a crystal element

Pricing service jobs

Installing Switchcraft screw-on connector €40

- with adapter/bushing €55

Installing Switchcraft guitar jack €45

- with adapter/bushing €60

Replace cable for Switchcraft screw-on connector (make ground conn.) €55

Installing a volume control €40

Custom fit Black Thunder/Red Devil element in shell incl. (gasket/adapter) €50

Renew powdercoat on an old shell (Unicolor powder, incl (dis)assembly) €65

Renew powdercoat on old shell with metallic/flake finish incl (dis)assembly €95

RFP* Powdercoat old disassembled bare metal shell in unicolor (excl. (dis)assembly) €35

RFP* Powdercoat old disassembled bare metal shell with metallic/flake finish (excl. (dis)assembly) €65

Making a one-off custom gasket (molding/pouring/fitting) €50

Repair Ronette Crystal FC5 (No cure no pay, no guarantees) €60

Installing a transformer High Impedance €45


*RFP = Ready For Paint


Some Projects


Well there was this situation with the chromer. I sent him some mics...One JT30 and a very rare Astatic X20. They came back in really bad shape. SO I had the chrome taken off again and started polishing the JT30.


Still in lockdown repairing this very rare American D22 dynamic microphone. This mic has dual impedance. Behind the tag is a secret connector. Here you can switch from Low to High Impedance. The mic had some connection problems. I replaced all the wiring and set it up for Low Impedance because the owner uses it to connect directly to a PA for recordings.


March-April Lockdown jobs. Just doing some repairs for well known Dutch harp players.

DDR mics

Last few weeks I've been working on some old DDR crystal mics. I bought a bunch online and most of them were not functioning. From the ones that were ok I built a few mics, have look down here. Also waiting for a Russian mic !

Philips RadioAmp

Transforming a Philips 50's tube radio into a harp amp. These old radio's are very suitable as a harp amp. I convert the pickup input to use as a mic input. This radio has a good tone control and a nice raspy vintage sound. Also check out the link to the youtube soundfile

Piezo DX-357

This microphone is new to me. It is entirely made of aluminum and therefore ultra light. The design is really cool. The element is around 450 Ohms. This is without an impedance transformer! It already sounds nice, but I wall add a transformer to pump up the output. Also I will add a volume control and a switchcraft connector. Maybe I will repaint the back end of the body. I bet it will handle really well as it is light and small. Cleaned out the inside of the stand, nothing useful there... (ham-lovers please don't hate me 😜)


It is finished. I did not add the transformer as it sound really nice without!