Husky Black Thunder Hi-Z Element

After a lot of testing and trying I've created this powerful Husky Black Thunder high impedance element. It has lots of low fat tone and great output. Measuring some 1140 dc ohm.


Great replacement for any crystal, Shure controlled or reluctance magnetic element.


The element standard fits a CM/CR gasket. 


Price € 69,-


Order it here and provide specific needs. 


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Husky Red Devil element

After desigining the Black Thunder I created a new element, as there was demand for a more crystal like element. The Red Devil Element is a large diaphragm (40MM) element. I would describe the tone of this element as powerful and cutting with a lot of dynamics from deep lows through the mids and up to the highs with a crunchy breakup. To reach the deep low tones you do need a fairly airtight cupping technique. This is a major difference with the Black Thunder element where a tight cup is not absolutely necessary for deep lows and nasty breakup. This does mean that the Red Devil holds in itself a wider variety of sound colors. It is a welcome partner as a backup for a vulnerable crystal mic or a first reach for any experienced player or anyone willing to challenge him or herself to become better.


Price is € 85


order here


For comparison of the elements go to REVIEWS

Amps and elements

The Red Devil works really wel on darker sounding amp. The Black Thunder can be helpful when adding some darkness to a brighter amp.


For comparison of the elements go to REVIEWS

In which shell?

Of course the straight forward way is to order one of my microphones. The Mini Bullet Edge or the Husky Howler can both house the Red Devil element and the Black Thunder. Standard design for both elements is to fit a CR/CM gasket. 

Both elements can also be placed inside many other mics. Sometimes it is required to change the capsule or seperate the transformer from the element. Sometimes it is best to send me your mic and I will build it inside your mic. I can design A customized capsuleto suit your mic/gasket or make a custom mold and gasket (€ 20) to make it all fit.

The element self is € 85,-


Order and options here

Red Devil inside a Husky Howler

Making it fit

Standard design fits CM/CR gaskets. My elements can fit almost any shell.

  • If you need the element to fit another gasket let me know in the remarks when ordering
  • I can also deliver the element icw a custom gasket (fitting the element you choose icw your shell)
    You tell me what element you need and for which shell in the remarks when ordering

It is always possible that customization work needs to be done. In those cases it is best to send me your microphone and let me install the element.


Order and options here