SOLD Oktava MD44

Oktava MD44
Oktava MD44

Price €sold -


Weight 117g

Diameter 35mm (with gasket 44mm)

Very small Russian dynamic microphone from 1969. It had a low impedance element inside that was broken. I replaced it with a Philips Mid-Z microphone cartridge LBB 3100/00 And also added a vintage impedance transformer (1473 Ohm) cranking this mic into the dirt!


Also new wiring and a new Switchcraft 2501MP connector.


The tone is amazing! Low/mids and high are very well balanced. Nice breakup. This is not a clean mic!


It comes with a rubber gasket that provides a really good airtight grip. Or with small hands use it without the gasket.


Take a look at the photos. I transformed this mic from a dull grey to racing green!

Soundfile on Youtube or Soundcloud