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Blind Dog Mayer

I'm very proud to say that Florian Mayer "Blind Dog Mayer" is European endorser for Husky Mics. He's also ambassador of C. A. Seydel 1847 harmonica and the world's first ambassador for harmonica amplifiers from ORANGE Amplifiers, Also endorser for Harp Gear on the European market.


He is a very well renown professional singer and blues harmonica player with percussions.


Check out his Facebook and website

Harmonica Workshops Nederland

George Reijnders
George Reijnders

Looking for harmonica lessons or do you want to organize a harmonica workshop?
Then you have come to the right place at
Harmonica Workshops Nederland
The lessons are taught by Dutch Bluesharp player George Reijnders.
George is active in the Dutch Blues scene and performs very regularly with the Blues duo The Men - Unplugged.

Ben Bouman Harmonicas

For customized Seydel bluesharps and blues harmonica lessons

Badass Harmonica

Harmonica cool stuff, lessons, mics, amps etc. Owned by legendary award winning bluesharp player Dennis Gruenling. Check out his website

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