RFT KM/T/St7050
RFT KM/T/St7050

Former DDR East German bullet microphone. 


This microfone is a RFT KM/T/St7050 (Kristall Mikrofon/Transmitting/Modell 7050) from 1950-1954.


RFT is not really a brand. You have to be aware that these mics were manufactured in a communist country. There were no brands only Trademark Associations. RFT means: Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik. So it was more like a collaborative community under which different producers manufactured transmmitting and receiving products in the former DDR.


Inside is a Mexican element with an impedance transformer. 


In the rear is a vintage Ronette connector (same thread as the Switchcraft)


Including the original customized stand