Last weekend I performed for the first time with my new husky howler microphones, the Black Thunder and Red Devil element.
Robert Huiskes, amazing microphones!!
This Sunday afternoon with Blond & Blue in Steenwijk, at De Heren van de Recht,


By Jan van der Leest

Bart Landstra enjoying his mic!

Comparing the elements

Remember when comparing an element there are many factor that influence the tone. First of all and most of all the biggest factor here is YOU! A really good player gets a beautiful tone out of a tin can... That being said we can all use some help from a great sounding mic. So also take into account the amp, cable, room, settings of the amp and of course also the means of recording. Your mic, when it arrives to your door, will sound different then what you are about to hear.

Steve West Weston playing a lick on the Black Thunder element

The Master of tone Ben Bouman on the Red Devil

Daniel Maerten on the Red Devil

Me comparing the Hohner, Red Devil and Black Thunder

Famous Zack comparing the Red Devil to the Bulletini

Red Devil inside the Ronette G210

Talented Dave Bell playing the Black Thunder element

Comparing Black Thunder and red Devil

Black Thunder on the Husky Amp

Ulli trying out the Red Devil element

My dear friend JD Harmo playing the Black Thunder on a Bassman

Ulli on the Red Devil

Pascal Redondo on the Red Devil

dave Bel working his magic on the Black Thunder element

Inline volume control

Inline Volume Control
Inline Volume Control

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Switchcraft 332ax

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Switchcraft 332ax

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XLR To Switchcraft Adapter

XLR to switchcraft adapter
XLR to switchcraft adapter

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Battleplan® Ammo Clips

Mini Bullet
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