Mini Bullet Edge

Diameter 45mm

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Bertram Becher (Seydel) 

"The Mini-Bullet is one of the best mics I have ever played - it has the Husky Black Thunder high impedance element which sounds just great" (Bertram Becher, Harmonica player, specialist and product manager at Seydel)

Wayne Kessler 

Yes, it’s fantastic! Nice and small which is how I prefer my mics since I switch back and forth between guitar. Easier on the hands. It also has the fattest low end of any mic I own while still having clarity. 


Ulli Deru

Hi Robert ! I just wanted to tell you that my mini Bullet is just extra ordinary. I am delighted with the sound balance. Usually, I work with an equalizer ... here I have nothing more to do! I love the sound and gave it a try tonight to my friends at the Jam. Everyone really fell in love with the sound. It wouldn't surprise me that microphones are going to the south of France soon.  


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Mini Bullet Edge VC
Mini Bullet Edge VC

Husky made Mini Bullet Edge VC. All the parts on this bullet microphone are new. Inside is the Husky Black Thunder high impedance element. Great output and great tone.


All new wiring, Switchcraft 2501MP connector and potmeter. Still looking for the correct volume knob.


The sound of this element comes closest to a Shure Black Label Controlled Reluctance element.


diam. 45mm


Different colors here

Comparison clip with a JT30 black label and Monacor