Mini Bullet

A personal instrument

All mini bullets are individually built. That means that I don't assemble in batches. For me it is important to make a connection with every harp-player. Every second I put into the creation of the microphone is with entention for the player. I am a spiritual being and I know from experience that everything is energy and by focussing my intention I embed pure energy into every microphone. By doing so your microphone becomes a very personal item.

Paul Lamb on the Mini Bullet:


"Of all the new harp mics I have tried & tested…..this Mini Bullet is the boss. The Husky Black Thunder high impedance element gives you a killer tone. Tried & tested on all my various amps this mic is a must for all the electric harmonica players".


Official endorser for Hohner harmonicas

Mini Bullets and the Black Thunder element

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"The Mini-Bullet is one of the best mics I have ever played - it has the Husky Black Thunder high impedance element which sounds just great" (Bertram Becher, Harmonica player, specialist and product manager at Seydel)

I have been developing the Mini Bullet microphones for over two years now and I'm still making small improvements.


I wanted to create a microphone consisting only of new parts, that sounded as good as or even better than the old time famous bullet mics. I tested many different microphone elements on my search for "The Tone". My main reference was the Shure Black Label Controlled Reluctance element.


I found the element by combining a high quality, medium impedance microphone element with an impedance transformer that has just the right ratios in windings and resistance. These components and also adjusting the correct amount of airflow in the chamber delivered the perfect sound.


The result is the Husky Black Thunder element. The element has amazing output, deep lows and a perfect crunch. Lows, mids and highs are beautifully balanced. Housed in a small mini bullet or larger Husky Howler. Perfect size and weight for cupping and holding.


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I also offer the Husky Black Thunder element as a seperate component.

"Hi Robert, received the mic in good order and immediately got goosebumps from the sound. Paired it with the Little Walter Booster from PedalTree and it gives the real Chicago Blues Sound. Greetings and thanks." Cor