Piezo DX63 Hi-Z

Piezo DX63
Piezo DX63

Diameter 34mm / weight 492 g



A Japanese, probably 70's 'Pistol' microphone. Contrary to what the brandname suggests it is a dynamic microphone.


It probabaly was manufactured under license by Akai. It held the exact same dynamic element as the Akai DM-13. The element in this microphone was shot, so I replaced it with another DM-13 high impedance element 1900 Ohms.


It has a real nice warm tone and is very hot. All the wiring is new. The On/Off switch has been rewired as well. No crackles or hums.


A new Switchcraft connector is installed.


Update:  I also installed a connector for a stand. See last picture.

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