The Stageproof Switchcraft® Cable

I can make your custom switchcraft cable® fitting the 2501 screw on connector on your microphone. Regular cables with a Switchcraft® connector tend to be very vulnerable as the joining of the cable to the connector is weak. Held only in place bij a little screw that pushes a spring and clamps the cable.... this is prone to fail!

What you want is a STAGEPROOF cable.

The way I designed the cable is to glue the connector, with a 2 component epoxy resin, internally to the cable and cover the transition from the cable to the connector with a strong glue filled shrink tube ensuring the connection to hold under extreme circumstances. The cable is also soldered in such a way that the tension will never be on the weaker HOT wire but on the multi wired ground connection inside the connector.

Tip! Make sure that you sling the cable around your shoulder once when you're on stage. Now when you step on the cable it will not smash your beautiful mic to the ground!




Start price any cable € 44

Add € 3,- per meter

Example: 6 meter cable is € 44 + (6 * 3) = 44 + 18 = € 62,-


Colors availabe at this moment



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