Crazy Lime

I was trying out my new powdercoating gear. I wanted try my new powder gun and spraying cabin. I felt like using a very crazy color so I went with the lime green. I posted it on Facebook and to ask everyone's opinion. Well... that gave a lot of reactions. My conclusion is that you either love it or hate it.


Some reactions:


"Kermit the mic"

"You'll never loose it on stage"

"Makes me crave Skittles'

'Im digging this mic"

"Awesome color'

"Might mistake it for an avocado"

"Some ugly color!"

"That’s pure 80’s man"


I was never looking to copy any other mic builder in the world as many people use motorcycle tail light and turn signal lights to function as a harp microphone. I am on the search for the perfect shell and maybe I'll produce them myself.


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